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How Solar bring joy with clean pools

In fact your electric pool pump will be the second single highest consumer of electricity to your electric geyser. The purpose of a pool pumps is to circulate the water through a filter to keep the pool water clean. For a filter to work at the optimum efficiency by design, do you think it is more effective with water going through this process at great speed or at a reduced speed? In fact if water passing through the filter sand at a slower rate, there is more opportunity for dirt particles to remain in the sand.

We have two models of a solar powered DC pool pumps namely a 500 watt and 750 watt. The 500 watt is powered by two 250 watt solar modules and the 750 watt is powered by four 200 watt solar modules. There is no inverter or MPPT charge controller required. This solar pool pump is the most cost effective way to circulate water for your swimming pool. It can be used for fish ponds or wherever water needs to be circulated.

This pump has been designed that it can be connected in parallel to AC power supply from main power supply in case there insufficient sunlight. Please watch our YouTube video link on “How Solar bring joy with clean pools”

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