An Energy Audit is the first step towards designing and implementing alternative energy solutions effectively in the most cost-effective way.

So what is an energy audit?

An energy audit is an analysis of a residential or commercial property energy consumption. It is an indication as to how, when and where electricity is currently being utilized. We create your energy profile from this data that is like a photograph of your energy consumption. An energy audit is compiled with products that measure your energy consumption from sophisticated software that quantifies energy usage through algorithms and different parameters.

This provides us with the insight how to improve your energy consumption so that one can become more energy efficient. At Solartech West Coast we look at traditional methods to enable our clients to become energy efficient. Once this has been exhausted we look at ways in which the integration of solar solutions can be economically beneficial to our client. We compare the actual energy usage profiles before changes with simulations after the proposed hi-tech integrated solar system to optimise the design of our solar installations? We match the energy supply with peak demand to optimum sunshine available to calculate the size of solar system required.

This can dramatically shorten the payback periods of large commercial and or industrial solar solutions.

Advantages of an Energy Audit:

  • Maximises the impact of alternative energy products.
  • Helps identify the correct alternative energy product solution.
  • Increases energy efficiencies.
  • Reduces energy costs significantly.
  • Able to design a Solar solution that suits your energy profile
  • You can make an informed decision on how to be energy efficient.
  • Successfully lower energy costs that ultimately save you money.
  • Business can have a competitive price advantage of their products over their competitors.




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