PV Solar Electricity

  • I want to produce solar electricity on my rooftop. Where do I start?
  • How do I know what size solar system to install?
  • How much does a solar power electricity setup cost?
  • What can affect the amount of solar energy received?
  • Does roof orientation really matter?
  • How much roof space is needed?
  • How do I know if my building is suitable for a solar power system?
  • How long will my solar power system last?
  • What type of warranty is supplied with the system?
  • Should I choose monocrystalline, thin film or polycrystalline solar panels?
  • What affects the costs of installing a solar system?
  • Can I insure my grid connect system?
  • If my energy requirements increase, can I upgrade the system?
  • What happens on cloudy days?
  • How much of a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions will I achieve?
  • Can I monitor the solar electric efficiency?
  • Is there any maintenance involved?
  • Is a solar regulator necessary in a grid connect system?
  • Will I need a new meter?
  • How does electricity get stored for use after the sun goes down?
  • What happens with grid connect systems during a blackout?
  • Where do you place the inverter?
  • What is the difference between solar power and solar hot water?
  • Can you retro-fit battery backup into a grid connect system?
  • How do I know what solar batteries to purchase?
  • How do I know if a solar battery is cheap or expensive?
  • Do I use the same solar battery on any system?

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FAQ - Electricity

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