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Solartech is a brand name developed from 2006 for the Solar Hot Water Geyser market in South African.  The solar technology industry was prompted by an inevitable electricity crisis in South Africa during 2008.  There is a vacuum in the market in respect to a consistent technical consultancy focused on the installation of effective efficient renewable energy solutions to suit the public both in the private and commercial sectors.

Solartech West Coast was formed as a franchise of Solartech Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Our staff have been trained and have qualified in certified accredited solar courses for this hi-tech technology for the solar industry. We are a premium partner of IBC solar of South Africa who is one of our suppliers. However, we are able to source any name brand of solar products that our clients may request or require.

Solartech West Coast understands the need to educate and inform the South African public to the advantages of renewable energy. In particular, the development of solar energy solutions for our clients, and we support all initiatives to develop the solar industry in South Africa.
Our philosophy is we want to create Smart Energy and Make it Simple for the end user to become energy independent and save money simultaneously.

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